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ORIGINALLY WRITEN BY: Lesi Wilson on January 11, 2021

As Singa B gets ready to release his 3rd installment to his Yellow Caution Tape Series, Yellow Caution Tape 3, he was able to get candid with Lesi Valentyne about where he’s from, where he is currently, and where he’s headed in the industry.

Lesi:    You’ve had an eventful day from the looks of things lol?

Singa B: Yupp! I’ve been helping a young artist by the name WhoIsProphet from TN with his brand & music video. Doing a little advertising and marketing for my upcoming album release, doin a Lil Clubhousing, networking with coalition DJ’s, getting my fashion and clothing brand together for my online store brand, and just finished giving some guitar lessons, and now knocking out this interview with the Queen Lesi.

Lesi: WHEW! I thought my day was busy! How’s your Clubhouse experience been going?

Singa B: Clubhouse…Eh, So/so. There’s a lot of information, a lot of major networking, and A LOT OF CAPPIN! So, like everything else in life, gotta take it in moderation.

I’ve met a few solid groups of folks though, like you, some photographers, producers, etc. Also, in some groups and boards with legends like Tyrese and Dame Dash, but the app wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. How about you?

L:         It’s been a little all over the place for me too. I’ve been meeting a lot of dope artists and producers. Learning more about marketing and advertising to help out artists, trying to push what I’ve learned last year to get more of y’all in front of more eyes on our platform.

SB:      That’s amazing because the climate of where the independent artist is, is finally sizzling with groups and information about publishing, owning our masters, knowing the difference between radio and streaming playlist placements, marketing, etc. Pretty much running your business as a record company would.

L:         Right and that’s great because now we won’t have as much of a repeat of artists getting used by the labels and having nothing to show for their hard work.

SB:      Let’s pray so!! “They” (the labels/industry/BIG CORPS) always figure some kind of way to be ahead of the curve. They started at vinyl, then records, then cassette tapes, then CDs, then MP3s, now streaming! What’s next? Streaming playlist platforms could be a thing of the past very soon. I honestly believe that the biggest piece of information I haven’t heard anybody speak on yet, that will not only sustain your business but also evolve and nurture your community of clientele and potential supporters, and even haters, is establishing a relationship face-to-face. Exchanging products and merchandise hand to hand and creating memories and moments are timeless. These are a few examples of how to grasp your audience and maintain a relationship with them via connecting and collecting their social media, email address, and maybe even phone numbers. Just like Pizza Hut, Apple, and Google send you a news blast, new product updates, and announcements weekly or monthly. You’re able to keep all of this data and information in-house and maintain or even create a means of communication with your community regardless of where technology takes us. Biggest example of success like that is Master P.

L:         In a way that’s kind of like history repeating itself because that’s what artists used to do starting out back in the day. So, it really seems like things might go full circle but just with better technology. With you being from Memphis, how has the city influenced your style of music?

SB:      Historically, Memphis Music is and has always been involved heavily in the music industry. From Elvis to Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake, and Yo Gotti just to name a slim few. Personally, Memphis is a competitive place, because there is a plethora of talent here but not a lot of “opportunities”, so it’s not a lot of economical support amongst each other like you see in ATL. That’s also a plus because it challenges your ability to hustle and sell your craft and make your artistry authentic and original. Memphis is full of soul!! Coming “from the bottom” I gotta rep the little people. I gotta come from the gut with it, Ya know? I used to hate growing up in Memphis, but now I value it so much… it helps me to relate to a lot of humans who live like Memphians.

L:         It most definitely is filled with a ridiculous amount of talent, so I can see why the city makes you proud! And from what I know, you’ve been considered talented for a while especially since you were able to teach yourself guitar and wrote your school’s alma mater! Can’t too many people say they have that on their resume.

SB:      I appreciate that. I didn’t really do it for the resume though, I didn’t have much growing up, so I had to teach myself. The iconic guitar I have now was gifted to me from my brother. It was a stolen guitar that he gave me. He was gonna pawn it for money but decided to give it to me since he knew I was serious about music. Even down to my upcoming album, that independence has always been infused and has been fueling my drive. Saying that to say, I engineered my upcoming album (recorded, mixed, & mastered) designed the album cover, wrote all the songs, made the beats, directed, and edited my music videos, funded my own budget, still while helping others with their products and projects.

L:         Kudos to you for being able to juggle all of that on your own. Do you have a team helping you? And with this being your 3rd installment to Yellow Caution Tape, did you have the intentions of turning this into a series or did it just happen?

SB:     Well, no man is an island. I didn’t get here on my own and I can’t get to where I want to go alone. No, I don’t have a team but, I have people in places that are keeping eyes on my progress and whenever I reach out to them for advice or plugs on resources and stuff, they come through. YCT3… it would be bias of me to say No I didn’t intentionally create the Yellow Tape series to be sequels, but me starting off my career as a singer, then doing the 1st Yellow Tape as a mixtape, showed me the freedom of expression. I began using that freedom while I simultaneously began to develop a broader audience. Ones who enjoyed the sweet soulful sounds of R&B, while enjoying the mix up of HipHop, Rock, Folk, & Reggae with my singing. It was released traditionally, Blah, but doin the mixtape was raw, and people received this energy from me… I needed that… so Yellow Caution Tape is a project and avenue for me to vent thoroughly while embodying my raw talent. All of my other albums and projects are typically themed like I’d make an R&B album, or a reggae vibe album, or a rock album. What I like best about my Yellow Caution Tape series is that it displays all of these emotions and genres in a very hip way. I’m Jamaican American so that’s where the reggae part comes in.

L:         I’ve had the time to listen to the other Yellow Caution Tapes, 1&2, what do you want your fans to take away from this project?

SB: I appreciate you giving them a listen!

L:         Of course, I didn’t want to go into this next project without seeing what the other two were like.

SB:      My personal Top Singles from the album are: All I Got, Alone, and Maintain. I hope and feel people will connect with these songs the most. All I got, currently on YouTube & Apple Music, is reflecting on being an entrepreneur and being independent. It’s also a song about being responsible and holding oneself accountable to take care of your priorities in life. You’re going to be the only one to do what you can do for you the best. On the track Alone, also on YouTube & Apple Music, I want the listener to learn to check-in and check up on those they love. Though with my single "Alone", checkin up on ya was from a romantic place, this song is about me calling someone and they never pick up the phone so, I’m left hoping that they’re okay and are alive and well. Wishing them the best in life and knowing that depression and rough times in this life are real. “Maintain is about the person who is always being strong for everyone and everything but doesn’t have someone to be strong for them. I wrote this song for that person saying “I see you…” and encouragements for them to maintain their stride in their journey and process throughout life.

L:         For the ones that have been following you from the beginning, with Yellow Caution Tape 3, do you feel fans will be able to see a clear picture of your evolution as an artist?

SB:      Yes. I keep in touch with all my genuine day 1 fans, not to be mistaken for my supporters. My fans are proud of my success. They prefer my singing… but then again those people that prefer only my singing have also never been to any of my shows lol.

L:         Lastly, since 2020 was so unpredictable, do you have any set music plans for this year that could be done if we go back to being “locked down” or are you just playing things by ear and planning as you go?

SB:      Well, I can’t give away all my secrets. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Yellow Caution Tape 3 Out Now.

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